Tip for The Home & Garden: The Dreaded Weeds

Every home owner or renter for the most part can relate to the problem with keeping up on the weeds around the house. Even if you do not have a large yard to look after, those sneaky weeds pop through any crack they can find and of couse have amazing roots to keep them there. We have take a two prong approach to treating weeds around the house and garden.

First we use some chemicals on areas that we know the pets and kids will not be around and also on areas that we know will not have a lot of run off into ground water or road. Making the choice on which one to use can be tricky, but finding something that will be effective and not have to be applied over and over again so that you are using a little as possible. Also the method of application is key, using a sprayer with the applicator on the smallest stream possible so you can keep is low and avoid over spray. The type we have found to work best is Ground Clear by Ortho

Secondly we use a natural weed killer and have found a great mixture that really does do the trick, here is the recipe:

1 Gal of White Vinegar

1 C. Table Salt

1 Tbsp of liquid Dawn Dish Soap

Mix in Sprayer and Apply

Kill those dreaded weeds

This works best to apply first to kill the weeds that are there. When the weeds have died back, pull them and apply again. This solution does have to be re-applied regularly, but it is safe around kids, pets and wildlife. It does not work on really stubborn weeds such as blackberries or bulb based plants, but it keeps many other weeds away.

The dreaded weeds will always be there to plague you, but if you have the ability to consistently get out there and take some action, you will appreciate the benefit in the long run.

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